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STEM4ME Grants

Our STEM4ME grants encourage students and teachers to "think outside the box" to create real-world solutions to problems in areas such as renewable energy, ecology, robotics and sustainable food production. Recipients of STEM4ME grants are encouraged to work in small entrepreneurial teams, combining classroom knowledge with real-world experience. We strongly encourage programs that incorporate mentorship by experienced educators, close alignment with the needs of Maine businesses, and links to existing programs at Maine's colleges and universities.


Note: STEM4ME Grants are funded on a rolling basis.  Applicants are expected to provide a clear and concise case for receiving funding.

"We need to do some out of the box thinking."

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Download the 2021/22
STEM4ME Grant Application 
Additional Information
  • Eligibility: Publicly funded schools and academies

  • Grant amount: up to $3,000

  • Grant duration: up to 2 years

  • Reporting: students are in charge of documenting and promoting their projects using web based tools such as Facebook, blogs and video

  • Use of Funds: funds are used for equipment, supplies, and attending conferences; funds may not be used to subsidize existing curriculum and programs, or for teacher stipends

Examples of Previous STEM4ME Funded Projects
  • Bangor HS: Water Purification in Developing Countries

  • Belfast Area HS: Space Exploration Program

  • Freeport HS: Electric Guitar Building Program

  • Madawaska HS: GPS Program

  • Oceanside West HS: Electric Guitar Building Program

  • Poland Regional HS: Astronomy Program

  • The New School: Greenhouse and Aquaponics Project

  • Washington Academy: Underwater Exploration 

  • Whitefield ES: Aquaponics and Gardening Initiative

Examples of Previous Grants

BHCS Idea Center 

Matt Jurich

Blue Hill Consolidated School

Blue Hill, Maine


Fablab/makerspace for PreK through 8th grade students.

The Houlton Mars Project

Bob Richardson and Katie Wright

Houlton Jr./Sr. High School
Houlton, Maine


Students use NASA information and Lego robotics to learn about Mars.

Sustainable Food Production

Caleb McNaughton

Buckfield Jr/Sr High School

Buckfield, Maine


Students use maple trees on school campus to produce maple syrup.

KHS Smart Greenhouse

Alan Carp

Kennebunk High School
Kennebunk, Maine


Pre-engineering students develop automation solutions.

Greenhouse Management

Julie Wilcott and Jack McLeod
Foxcroft Academy
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


Students design, utilize and maintain a high tunnel hoophouse.

Guitar Building Class

David Parker and Chad McCormack
Noble High School
North Berwick, Maine


Students learn and apply STEM concepts by building electric guitars.

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